Steve is the Lead Pastor of LIFE Church

Steve leads Life Church with his wife Charlotte and together they have two children Hope Cherish and Noah Brave. LIFE Church has campuses in Bradford, Leeds, Belfast and Warsaw, Poland.

His passion is to reach people for Christ and to help them rise to their potential in life. He is a skilled leader and communicator, known for empowering the emerging generation to build the local church across the earth.

You are not the future of the church, you are the church right now.

After you do all you can...
February 12, 2016

After you do all you can…

After you do all you can do, rest…. & leave the rest to God. At the end of the day, despite whether or not your to do list is finished, it’s easy to feel unfinished. When God created the world, He first created evening…then He created morning which means that he created rest first. Working from a place of rest will not only bring greater results, it will lead to a healthier, happier & longer life. Regardless of what the day, rest well & you will have energy for tomorrow. So tonight instead of losing sleep worrying about things you can’t control, cast your anxiety & worries on the God who has all control! #startwithrest #eveningthanmorning

Overnight successes are a lifetime in...
February 10, 2016

Overnight successes are a lifetime in…

Overnight successes are a lifetime in the making!

Thank you to all the leaders...
February 9, 2016

Thank you to all the leaders…

Thank you to all the leaders today, over 500 leaders for #Leadoneday who are building leadership & churches for te greater glory of a God. We love you & so valued having this day together. @tylerreagin, thank you for outstanding sessions and phenomenal heart for leaders & for imparting so much to the leaders of Europe. We are privileged to know you as a friend & am already looking forward to what grows out of today. Your the best! #investinleaderswhoinvestinothers #grateful #expectant

Love introducing my great friend @tylerreagin...
February 8, 2016

Love introducing my great friend @tylerreagin…

Love introducing my great friend @tylerreagin to some of the team tonight & educating him in some of the finer aspects of life in the uk like fish & chips, a table tennis club & even on how to say aluminium. #Leadwillbetterforit

End of an Era. #beastmode aka...
February 8, 2016

End of an Era. #beastmode aka…

End of an Era. #beastmode aka Marshawn announced his retirement with a pair of shoes & a peace out. Hard to imagine the #Seahawks without him. So many great runs & #quakes. 2011 against the NO Saints, greatest run I have ever seen. Thank you #beastmode for some incredible moments. Glad I saw you win #SB48!

Yes this is happening tomorrow! #Leadoneday....
February 8, 2016

Yes this is happening tomorrow! #Leadoneday….

Yes this is happening tomorrow! #Leadoneday. Thrilled that @tylerreagin Executive Director Catalyst is here & will be speaking. This is a FREE one day for any leader at any level. It’s going to be a great day @lifechurchhome!

Yes touchdown Denver! Who saw that...
February 8, 2016

Yes touchdown Denver! Who saw that…

Yes touchdown Denver! Who saw that coming? Boom 10-0 #Denver! #superbowl50

Yes @tylerreagin is here with us...
February 7, 2016

Yes @tylerreagin is here with us…

Yes @tylerreagin is here with us in England! He just spoke @lifechurchhome so well, & now catching up. It is such a joy to have him here for the next few days, at #Leadoneday on Tuesday… But tonite it’s just so good to catch up!

So good to see this group...
February 5, 2016

So good to see this group…

So good to see this group of Swedish leaders boarding a plane right now near Stockholm to come for a weekend @lifechurchhome & for LEAD that is happening this Tuesday here in Bradford! Looking forward to seeing @nicklas_morling & this great group of leaders here very soon! #herecomestheswedes #Leadoneday

Thrilled to return from New York...
February 5, 2016

Thrilled to return from New York…

Thrilled to return from New York last evening, switch on the television & see BBCQuestion Time live on tv, broadcasting from our church Center @lifechurchhome in Bradford! This is not a political statement on what was said on the night by various local people, but I do think it is excellent that local people have the opportunity to express their views, concerns & give voice to their hopes & dreams. #gratefulforgreatbritain #goodjoblifecentreeventsteam #goodthingshappeninginbradford

Goodbye New York! You have treated...
February 4, 2016

Goodbye New York! You have treated…

Goodbye New York! You have treated us well. Next stop #theshire #memoriesmade #familythatplaystogetherstaystogether

Today I taught my children to...
February 4, 2016

Today I taught my children to…

Today I taught my children to remember. At ground zero, we cried together, prayed together, & vowed to make a difference with our lives by loving, living & leaning on God & each other through every season of life. Again & again we were moved to tears as we remembered nearly 3000 who lost their lives. Heroes like Todd Beamer & so many others….. So many firemen & police & others who have their lives. So humbling. #neverforget #lovenothate

I have Hope today! #thankGodforhope
February 3, 2016

I have Hope today! #thankGodforhope

I have Hope today! #thankGodforhope

Today is all about creating an...
February 2, 2016

Today is all about creating an…

Today is all about creating an epic adventure for the family after 21 days apart, starting with on top of the world at #empirestatebuilding & capturing the moment together. None of us will ever forget this day. #familythatplaystogetherstaystogether

Finally reunited with these two miracles,...
February 1, 2016

Finally reunited with these two miracles,…

Finally reunited with these two miracles, Hope Cherish & Noah Brave in Baltimore Maryland as we shouted on @charlgambill & @nataliegrant at #daretobemovie with a sold out arena of women who are Daring To Be. I can’t even begin to describe the evening & the feeling we all shared last night after the sacrifice of each of us in different ways & in seeing what God did firsthand in the lives of so many. But hey you will be able to see it soon too because of the movie! How great is that? #daretobemovie #16march2016

Wow wow wow here just in...
February 1, 2016

Wow wow wow here just in…

Wow wow wow here just in time to see this incredible being & I want to Repost @charlgambill
Ok so much I want to post right now but to be honest I am slightly exhausted and very overwhelmed. Tonight we filmed the @daretobeevent the movie and oh what a night. I can’t express how amazing it was to see thousands of women worship with such passion and so many lean into the freedom that is only found in his word. Then the honoree moment when we surprised a family who have been through so much trauma with an all expenses paid family vacation to Disney world. But then after that at the altar call I have never seen such a response. At one point I thought people were leaving the meeting early and then broke down in tears realizing that entire blocks of people were moving not out of the building but to the altar to find Jesus. Tears, transformation, a true revival moment I still can’t believe what we just got to be part of. And the best thing about it all is I got to do it by my bestie at my side @nataliegrant forever grateful and never take this for granted. This movie is truly going to be a vehicle to reach so many. We believe it and we saw it tonight. Thanks everyone for your prayers and get your tickets now for March 16th (link in my profile). The @daretobeevent movie is in the can and we let God now do all he can #daretobemovie #jesusandpopcorn #onlygod #humbledandhonored @t_l_s17📷👊 @fathomevents


You can listen to Steve’s recent messages via the iTunes podcast.

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